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SpendLocally.com seeks to unite local communities through mutual support of merchants, schools, non-profits and consumers.

What is SpendLocally.com and how does it work?

SpendLocally.com is an on-line marketplace of independent merchants, where:

Users can download free coupons, buy gift certificates, or find sale items at their local merchants, while supporting their favorite charity.

Merchants can reach new customers through a professional on-line presence without hefty start-up fees or monthly advertising fees*. Merchants can sell directly over the internet (using a full e-commerce enabled site), or offer certificates for store credit or merchandise to be redeemed in-store. In addition, merchants can offer downloadable coupons for use in-store. Best of all, merchants pay for performance on SpendLocally.com, rather than for unknown “exposure.”

Non-profits can request listing on SpendLocally.com to receive no-effort and fee-free donations from their current donor base, as well as new donors. The donations received are from a new revenue source that does not require grant-writing or other time-consuming development. Similarly, donors are not “fatigued” by using SpendLocally.com, rather, they enjoy discounts from their local merchants, while knowing they are helping their community.

SpendLocally.com is a win for the user, a win for the merchant, and a win for the non-profit!

Want more information about SpendLocally.com? Click here to go to our Contact Us page, where you can call us or email us.

* Shopkeepers pay a commission to SpendLocally.com for purchases made on the site. After an allowance for credit card fees, 10% of the commission paid to SpendLocally.com will be donated to the user’s chosen charity. Similarly, merchants pay fees to us for the coupons downloaded on the site and 10% of SpendLocally.com’s fees are paid to the user’s favorite non-profit organization. SpendLocally.com reserves the right to change merchant fees and commissions at any time, including, potentially, the implementation of monthly or other static advertising fees.

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